LED Modernization Example


The  PA Dept Corrections SCI Frackville Facility in Frackville, PA is situated on a 225-acre tract of land that requires a significant amount of evenly distributed light to enable proper visibility for security cameras and guard towers directed to the Secure Perimeter Area. 


To flood the secure perimeter grounds of this maximum security correctional facility, SCI Frackville upgraded 43 1000W High Discharge lights with a 43 300W LED High Output Flood 120-degree beam angle light operating at 45,900 lumens each at 5000K. The fixtures were placed on 30-foot high mast poles spaced strategically around the secure perimeter grounds.


The new LED light output, at 150 lumens per watt, coupled with excellent uniformity, gives SCI Frackville the light levels and quality of light they needed for this application. In addition to reducing their energy costs in illuminating this area by 30% over the metal halide lamps they were using before, they were able to reduce their maintenance costs by a significant margin. Metal halide lamps are good for 10,000-15,000 hours, requiring frequent change-outs and replacements, while the LED luminaires have an expected life of over 100,000 hours.

                                                                  The Rebate

SCI Frackville achieved Overall Energy Savings 128,559 kWh and a Total Energy Savings $7,714.00 with a $6,428.00 Rebate. The simple payback ROI is 5.36 years.