SMS Lighting designs aesthetically pleasing and appropriate new and retrofit LED lighting systems for both interior and exterior spaces. Our talented lighting designers work closely with our clients and their team to complement the architectural style and lighting functions of a given space. This collaborative approach, combined with a through understanding of lighting principles, results in well crafted, customer-specific, customized LED lighting designs.


For interior spaces, we excel in creating the dramatic LED lighting desired in special areas utilizing the more energy efficient and highly functional LED lighting. Our exterior LED products go beyond enhancing safety and security. It also provides an opportunity to modernize antiquated, inefficient lights to highlight building architectural features, all while respecting the surrounding landscape to reduce light pollution.


  • LED lighting contributes to energy savings and sustainability by improving working conditions through directed lighting and lowering the energy needed to power lighting fixtures
  • LED lighting lowers cost by out-living previous lighting solutions and lasting for many years beyond traditional light fixtures
  • LED lighting will pay for itself when all savings have been calculated. Energy savings can be reinvested into the business operation.
  • In addition to the rapid ROI, many state and and local utilities offer significant rebates that can pay for up to 50% or more of the LED installation
  • In building upkeep, time is money and because changing LED fixtures happens far less than usual lighting, building management will spend less time on the ladder changing bulbs and more time devoted to other pressing needs