LED benefits our clients are realizing:


  • Atlantic City Housing - Reduced energy consumption; lower energy costs; reduced HVAC costs and operations
  • Pennsylvania Dept. Corrections - minimize light pollution; conserve energy; always-on/continuous LED lighting
  • Atlantic County (NJ) - Meadow View Nursing and Rehabilitation - Modernize antiquated interior and exterior lighting fixtures with LEDs to reduce energy consumption and improve illumination for residents

Ritz Condominiums – Atlantic City



The Ritz Condominiums originally existed as The Ritz Carlton and was opened in Jun 24, 1921 with a gala party attended by prominent national figures of the day. SMS recently completed a major LED retrofit project to replace over 1,000 flourscent lamps with LED tubes.We're starting the exterior lighting modernization on/around the property.


You're in Good Hands with SMS Lighting



Allstate Insurance is realizing energy savings by modernizing their properties with state-of-the-art Retrofit LED lighting technologies. Interior and Exterior LEDs are lowering operating costs through improved lighting efficiency to ensure that ceiling fixtures and exterior lighting components are operating at peak efficiency.  Rebate savings contributed to an attractive ROI. LED lighting solutions enable our clients to cut thousands of megawatt hours in energy use, and tens of thousands of dollars in direct energy expense.

LEDs for Church and House of Worship Lighting Renovations



LED Lighting in church renovations will: reduce glare, illuminate the ceilings, bring focus to the altar and shrine areas, and enhance the artistic character of the stained glass windows. This applicable for hanging chandeliers for congregants seated in pews.


Shopping Center Solutions


 "Our LED products are very cool and produce clean looking light. We recently replaced many of our parking lot high-pressure sodium  lights with LED Retrofit Kits and are already seeing energy savings and more effective lighting. One of the greatest benefits we've seen since switching to LED lighting is improved safety and security on the property and stores!". Owner, Risley Commons 

New LED Flat Panel - 12 Reasons to Choose SMS Lighting Adjustable LED Flat Panels


 SMS just released a proven LED illumination answer for the new generation of office lighting operations. This solution scales to meet the lighting needs of the largest and smallest office and building environments. So, if you want to future proof your environment and provide an improved lighting background, look no further. SMS Lighting solves this problem by putting illumination management in your hands. Contact SMS to receive your 12 reasons to choose Adjustable LED Flat Panels - 2x2 and 2x4. Choose 3,000k to 5,000K. Chuck Kanupke 609-636-4620  

The Essential Guide to Choosing a High Mast LED Lighting Solution


The SMS Lighting High-Mast Lighting Solutions Handbook helps you solve your current and future high-mast LED lighting modernization requirements. It helps you achieve enhanced lighting energy efficiency by design to allow antiquated high-pressure sodium lights to be replaced and upgraded to LEDs. The Handbook describes the most current SMS LED products, designed to deliver optimum lighting on the ground, as well as increasing video surveillance operations and image capture.

This Handbook is intended as a reference for basic and comprehensive information about the SMS Lighting LED exterior products portfolio. It provides a starting point for establishing your own High-Mast modernization objectives.

For More Information Contact:
Chuck Kanupke, President, SMS Lighting, 609-636-4620; chuck@smslighting.net